Less computer trouble today, more issues fixed. It’s good when the computers are working. This was another sort of random wandering through the list.

  • fixed display of tree roots designated for mining
  • made trees update indoor/etc. settings properly upon removal
  • stopped mining of root tile from removing the tree
  • removed requirement that a creature have a baby/child state to breed completely
  • fixed unretire message on linux/osx
  • stopped dwarven forges in world gen sites from using thrones instead of anvils
  • fixed message for being caught in a cloud of vapor/dust (Quietust)
  • made random creatures only spit liquid spittle
  • fixed state token for mud creature tissues (Quietust)
  • stopped traders from bringing unspecified “liquid” from bloodsucking animals (Quietust)
  • fixed plant growth consumption preferences (Quietust)
  • made vision arc display turn off for blinded creatures
  • made scarred-over wounds to broken functional layers continue to impair function
  • removed special materials from dwarf prefs
  • clarified generated items in stockpiles (can’t remove yet)
  • fixed adjectives for randomly generated blowdarts/bolts (old saves still wrong)
  • fixed reversed display of zone-sizing controls
  • removed leathery egg materials from copperhead snake

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